Monday, August 30, 2010

Christmas Cracker Cottages

3 large egg whites
1 box xxx sugar
½ t. cream of tartar
Assorted candy decorations – gumdrops, licorice etc
Graham crackers (5 squared per cottage)
Twisted Pretzels

For edible glue: Mix together egg whites, xxx, and cream of tartar to sticky consitency. Keep bowl covered with damp towel while using “glue”.

For each cottage: cut 1 graham cracker square in half to form the 2 side walls. For each peaked end wall, use 1 graham cracker square. To cut peaks in the tops of the 2 end walls, use a small, serrated knife and cut with a sawing motjhion, to allow roof pieces to fit securely.

To join the 2 peaked end walls and 2 side walls together, brush with you glue and hold until dry. To attach the roof pieces, brush “glue” along top edge of each wall. Attach 1 graham cracker square so tha tit lines up with the top of the peaks on the end walls. Attach other cracker square. Brush glue along peak where roof pieces meet and hold til dry.

Now start decorating. “glue’ Gumdrops and hard candies on cottage.; Create a street with licorice and fence with twisted pretzels. All it takes is a little imagination.

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